Extra curricular


Sports and athletics are an important part of the curriculum at Al Farook School. We believe that by participating in physical education classes and after-school athletics, our students can have fun while learning vital life skills and benefiting from character-building experiences. Al Farook School has an active sports curriculum of physical education and circuit training from primary class and have a well-balanced and strong football and cricket team.


Art education is the area of learning that is based upon the visual, tangible arts—drawing, painting, sculpture, and design in jewellery, pottery, weaving, fabrics, etc. and design applied to more practical fields such as commercial graphics and home furnishings. Contemporary topics include photography, video, film, design, computer art, etc.


The school has a separate and independent brass and pipe bands and they steal the lime light during the important functions in our school. The band troop is administered and trained by professional band masters where in the students learn to play the instruments right from primary classes. Students are encouraged to train themselves in western instruments such as Bugle, Trumpet and Saxophone so that the majestic turn out of our band troops steals the heart of many.


The Student Counselling Service provides mental health care services to Al-Farook students under the specialised trainers.To motivate children who are slow-learners or develop a sort of aversion towards studies,counselling classes will be arranged.


We impart computer literacy right from primary classes in order to lay a strong foundation for technical skills. Tech based curriculum is been added to make the students strong for tomorrow.In order to lay strong foundation for technical skills, Computer literacy is must.With this end in view, we impart computer literacy right from primary classes.


The entire students in School is been categorised on the basis of four house systems, i.e. Airy,Big Ben, Canary and Disney by which various competitions in school youth festivals, extra-curicular activities and sports meet are conducted .
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