Al-Farook School provides a rich learning environment that centers on students,meeting developmental needs,acknowledging individual differences and honouring all styles of learning.Students will be actively engaged in the learning process develop skills for independent learning, and learn to set and assess their own learning goals.
The goal of Al-Farook School is to take an integrated approach to learning by addressing academic disciplines and basic skills through broad themes, projects, and authentic real-life experiences. Students will focus on the knowledge, skills, and understandings needed to prepare them to be members of a rapidly changing and increasingly interconnected world of the 21st century. In short, Al-Farook School principles and practices will be based on proven understandings of how students may best learn what they will need to know in order to succeed throughout their lives. We expect all staff members to research new ideas, propose methods to improve practice, and explore new and innovative ideas while sustaining the key ingredients of proven practices. We recognize that if our collective ideas help students learn and achieve, we all benefit. We expect enthusiasm, hard work, recognition of our challenges, and sincere acknowledgment of all achievements. It is not all right to do what has always been done because it is easier and faster. As a School, we all need to do whatever we can for the children we serve and do it well

We will respect all!

Whether it is parents, taxpayers, the community at large, or most importantly, our students, we pledge to treat each with respect and provide the service that each deserves.

We will respect learning!

Whether it is parents, taxpayers, the community at large, or most importantly, our students, we pledge to treat each with respect and provide the service that each deserves.

We will respect our finances!

With our current budget situation and an economic crisis occurring throughout the country, it is imperative that we spend and stretch every penny in a way that will have the greatest impact. We will continue to re-evaluate how we spend our money to ensure the best effect for our students.

We will respect individual differences!

We are blessed with a diverse student, staff and community population that comes from different backgrounds, locations and views. We will respect individual differences and do our best to meet the needs of each student, staff and community member.


E-mail :
Ph. No. : 0495 2370404/9847002213
fax No. : 0495 2703893

Managing committee

K. V.KUNHAMMED KOYA CHAIRMAN 2703893, 2370404, 9847002213
PROF. U. MOHAMMED VICE CHAIRMAN 2440595,2441445,9387426283
S. MOHAMED YUNUS JT. SECRETARY 2720310,2320879,9447461960
V. VEERAN  TREASURER 2482231,2482731,9895555111
PULIYALI ISMAIL MEMBER 2487671,9745864833
O. MOHAMMED KOYA MEMBER 2701291,2324949,9947161616
P. SALEEM BABU MEMBER 2440789,9895633763
K.T. HASSAN KOYA MEMBER <2727532,2320509,9847002832
V. M. MOIDEEN MEMBER 2481572,2440406,9846070036
V. M. BASHEER MEMBER 2440523, 9037719969, 9633948424
MAHABOOB P MEMBER 2440524,9895965019
DR. M. ASSANKOYA MEMBER 2483809,2483807,9349722000
DR. T. P. NOUSHEER MEMBER 2484218, 9847156471
ADV. M. JAMALUDDEEN MEMBER 2303112, 9447468896
JB. V.MOHAMMED HASAN MEMBER 2481333,9847262827
JB. HASHIK RAHIMAN MEMBER 4013405,4014040,9846084040
PROF. E.P. IMBICHIKOYA MEMBER 3014680, 2482310,9446253099
JB. P. K. AHAMED MEMBER-EX-OFFICIO 2421703, 2421704, 9847000202
K.A. HASAN KUTTY MEMBER 2482336,9446783460
K. KUNHOYI MEMBER 2443025, 2209355, 9447479087

Sexual Harassment Committee

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