We have well equipped laboratory for Physics, Chemistry and Biology which caters to the experimental activities of students from class IX to XII. The Mathematical lab of the school endeavors to simplify the mathematical concept into the young minds.

Computer lab

Al Farook School's excellent computer lab enable the children to sharpen their analytical skills and make technology aided learning a reality. We impart computer training to our students right from the primary classes to lay a strong foundation for technical skills. Tech based curriculum is implemented to make the students strong for tomorrow.

Coaching classes

The most precious gift a parent can give their child apart from their Love and time is top quality education , an opportunity to explore the genius in them. For the students appearing for CBSE board exams, we provide the most ideal coaching classes to help them score good marks. We also provide special attention to those students who are weak in their studies.

Highly qualified staff

Al Farook School is privileged to be able to offer an unparalleled scope of field experiences that tie directly to our rigorous grade-level curriculum and standards. Al Farook School offers cornerstone studies in each class with its highly efficient and experienced staff. Teachers will be giving individual attention to mould the character and conduct of the students.


Transportation facilities is been provided by the school wherein the school buses are plying daily through different routes in the locality. They pick up and drop back students who choose our transportation facility and will be done only at specific sites on the main road.

School canteen

Our food is seasonal and culturally varied reflecting the communities we serve. We believe in serving children at a very low cost freshly made tasty food every day, our food is completely free of artificial flavouring, artificial preservatives, artificial colouring and just about anything else involved with highly processed food!We use simple old-fashioned whole foods, real fruits and vegetables, fresh meats and dairy products. Anything we preserve, we do ourselves using tried and true traditional methods. No weird additives, just food.


We have well lit ventilated and fully furnished classrooms for all the classes with benches, desks, fan ,lights and a huge black board and a soft board to enhance the comprehending capability of the child by visual images.

House Activities

House system is an integral part of our school. The entire students in the school are categorized on the basis of four house system ie Airy, Bigben, Canary and Disney. Regular inter-house competitions are held throughout the year in various co-curricular and extra curricular activities which foster healthy competitive spirit and camaraderie. The Co –Curricular activities are integral part of educational orientation as it is also crucial in the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation(CCE) programme of CBSE.

Film Club

Cinema is a powerful media to transact our ideas and values to the spectators. Knowing the potential of this media Al Farook School formed a film club which annually produce a short film for children. With these short films the film club represent our school in the Children’s Educational Film Festival every year.

Guidance and Counselling

The student counselling service provides mental health care to our students under the specialized trainers. Counselling classes are also arranged to motivate children who are slow learners .Besides the school used to arrange Career and Guidance Counselling classes for students of higher classes.

Safety &Security

Depending on the age of your child there are a variety of things you need to consider. Is the school secure? What is the likelyhood of violence? Are they prepared for a natural disaster? Once it is your child in school the questions seem endless. Al Farook School guarantees the safety of your child once they are inside the campus.We ensure to provide students a homely feeling and make them secure in our arms.


Boarding facilities will be only for boys and will be provided from Std IV onwards. Separate application for admission to hostel need to be submitted by parents .Hostel inmates have to observe the rules and regulations of the hostel and obey the warden and teachers on duty there.

Prayer hall

Two separate prayer halls are available for Muslim boys and girls to offer their prayers during lunch break. At 12.45 pm Jama't will be started on all working days. Students should reach the prayer hall on time for prayers.

Indoor Stadium

Al Farook School will now have an indoor facility that can easily accommodate a basketball court and a badminton court for either practice or play and can be used for other events. The stadium will be a gorgeous dome with a smooth exterior, a ribbed ceiling and a clear-span interior that can house the amenities any organization needs and wants.

Health Check Up

Al Farook School provides a heath check up programme to prepare younger generation to adopt measures to remain healthy so as to help them to make the best use of educational facilities to utilize in a productive and constructive manner, to enjoy recreation and to develop concern for others. It also help the younger generations to become healthy and useful citizens who will be able to perform their role effectively for the welfare of themselves, their families, the community at large and the country as a whole..


The school has a separate and independent brass and pipe bands and they steal the limelight during the important functions of our school. The school band troop is administered and trained by professional band masters wherein the students learn to play the instrument right from primary classes. Students are encouraged to train themselves in western instruments such as bugle, trumpet and saxophone so that the majestic turn out of our band troops steals the heart of many.


Please find the school compound facilities at a glance Physical Size
Area of Campus 12302.443456(in sq. Mtrs)3.04 (in Acres.)
Built up Area in (in sq. mtrs) 40
Whether the school at one site or two site One
Area of play ground 2586
Number and date of latest certificate from the concerned Government authorities of the area.
Sanitary conditions Drinking water Fire safety of the school
No. 16/93 No No.B3-10655/96
22.01.1993 22.01.1993 18.03.1997

Library facilities

Please find the school compound facilities at a glance Physical Size
Collections At the time of affiliation As on
Total No. of Books 70000 10012
Periodicals 00021 &0021
Dailies 00004 0004
Reference Books 00108 0108
Magazine 00004 0004


Please find the school compound facilities at a glance Physical Size
Room Number Length(in sq. Mtrs.) Size Breadth (in sq. Mtrs.)
Maths Lab 1 5.90 5.90
Computer Science Lab 1 13.35 6.10
Home Science Lab - - -
Library 1 13.20 7.10
Other Rooms 7 6.25 13.10
Class Rooms 50 6.25 6.25
Composite Science Lab - - -
Physics Lab 1 13.20 7.10
Chemistry Lab 1 13.40 7.20
Biology Lab 1 13.20 7.10
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